Cessna 182 Paint and Exterior Upgrades

This long-time client of ours sold his Cessna 172 and purchased this C182 which was owned by Maxcraft who completed the avionics.  Our client purchased this AC from Maxcraft then brought it to us for exterior refinishing and upgrades.  After all this completed this C182 is one of the nicest flying in the world.  Work completed at UVA:

Cessna 182 Paint Exterior Refurb:

  • Full strip and paint.
  • Annual Inspection.
  • Sportsman STOL kit installed.
  • All new exterior fairings in fiberglass.
  • New wing tips.
  • New LED taxi and landing lights.
  • New LED strobe lights.
  • VG kit installation.
  • Pulselight system installed.
  • New battery.
  • Wing structural repairs.
  • Flap repairs.
  • Some new interior plastics.
  • Brake pads, races, bearlings.
  • New brake lines.
  • New cylinder baffles.
  • New carb air box.
  • New cabin heat muffler.
  • Precise Airflow vents installed.