Small Aircraft Refurbishment Experts

Aircraft Paint Specialists
From tiny touch-ups to full repainting, every job gets our meticulous attention to detail.
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Mechanical Repair and Updating
Inspect, modify, rebuild – our highly skilled team will take (very good) care of everything.
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Structural Repair and Modifications
With expertise you can rely on, we do airframe overhauls, technical upgrades, composite repairs, and more.
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Interior Repair and Customization
Cargo nets or celebrity pets? We can fit you up for function or fancy with our upholstery and interior refurbishment services.
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Aviation Industry Services

Consultations & Appraisals
Independent evaluations, appraisals, and advice for sales, insurance, and banking.
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Aircraft Salvage & Relocation
Upper Valley Aviation offers a range of services related to the retrieval of downed aircraft.
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Movie Props
We’re ready for our close up! UVA provides pilots, aircraft, wreckages, interiors, and associated props for the film industry.
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