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Cessna 172M Seats


Piper 28 151 2690 Interior Seats


Piper 28 151 2673 Interior

Our services include:

  • Recovering seats in updated material.
  • Replacement of seat cushioning (foam)
  • Creating better lumbar support for back health/comfort.
  • Improving sound reduction with updated insulation.
  • Replacing/repairing old plastics.
  • Repainting/replacing instrument panel covers.
  • New headliners.
  • New side panels.
  • Recolouring interior plastics and fabrics (where possible).
  • Dash replacement/repair.
  • Complete interior refurbishment, right down to priming interior metal.


Customers who have utilized these services have found:

  • Piper-28-151-2668

    Piper-28-151-2668 Back Seat

    Increase in aircraft value.

  • More comfortable seating for crew and passengers.
  • Passengers more eager to get in aircraft.
  • Increased satisfaction in their flying experience.