Metroliner Custom Paint and Interior with Polish

Metroliner Custom Paint and Interior with Polish
    • Paint Lead: Bob Bowers
    • Project Mechanical Lead: Chad Van Vliet
    • Paint scheme: Scheme Designers
    • Colours: Three – Sherwin Williams Colours
      • Silver metallic base
      • Red
      • Blue
    • Full Strip and Paint
    • Interior with Port Aircraft Interiors
    • Avionics work with Maxcraft

Metroliner Custom Paint and Interior with Polish

This project was a great example of the full-service option operators can find by using UVA and our Trusted Partners.  The paint and interior was kept to a 20 working day turnaround which was no small feat.  The avionics were done separately by Maxcraft.

This AC was the second of two total Metros we completed for Sunwest Aviation out of Calgary, AB.  They were extremely happy with the work and are planning on another Metro with us.

The complexity of the scheme was high but we believe it turned out exactly as the client envisioned.  One of the main challenges was painting that much metallic silver on the aircraft and keeping consistency throughout.  Painters will know what we’re talking about here.

In the end it was a great project.  The list of items taken care of:

  • Full strip and paint of AC.
  • Strip and paint propellers.
  • Extensive polish on wings, nacelles, horizontal stab and elevators.
  • Refinished crew seats.
  • New carpets throughout.
  • Removal and repair of interior sidewalls.
  • New cargo blankets.
  • Refinishing of air stair.
  • Refinishing of cockpit area.
  • Repair and refinish of eyebrow.
  • See link to Maxcraft for details on avionics work.