Upper Valley Aviation is approved under Transport Canada to provide Aircraft Modification Services

Approved Maintenance Organization 91-14

Transport Canada approved Aircraft Modification Services
  • UVA is the only dealer/installer of BLR winglets in Canada
  • STOL kit upgrades
  • Wing-X installation
  • Window/Windshield replacement on pressurized and unpressurized aircraft
  • VG Kit installation
  • Wing Extensions
  • LED lighting installation
  • Powerflow Exhaust
  • Interior Upgrade and Installation
  • Fairing upgrades and replacement


STOL Kits allow for shorter takeoff's and landings

VG Kits

VG Kits allow for an increase in maximum takeoff weight.

Wing Extensions

Wing Extensions increase the gross allowable weight of an aircraft.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting uses less power than other types of aircraft lamps.

Powerflow Exhaust

Powerflow Exhaust increases an engines horsepower, resulting in faster cruise speed.

Interior Installation

Interior Installation is a good way to update or repair old interiors.

Insulation Upgrade

Insulation Upgrades create a warmer cabin.