Exterior Aircraft Painting

UVA’s state of the art paint booth can accommodate fixed and rotary wing aircraft with a span of up to 60 feet. Our facility is approved by Transport Canada and all materials used are also approved for FAA certification in the USA as well. We use Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings for touchups, repair matching, and complete repainting projects. (We also provide interior refurbishing.)

As long time members of the aviation industry, we understand pride of ownership and demand the highest level of workmanship. Our paint technicians are exceptionally skilled and we support their craftsmanship with modern equipment and premium products.

Our dedication to excellence, commitment to customer service, and great prices are much appreciated by a growing list of very satisfied and returning clients. View our project gallery for examples of our work and ideas for your next paint job.

Available services


Let us fix up those small chips and dents before more damage occurs. We’ll clean, seal, and paint in a visibly matched colour.

Post-Repair Restoration

Structural repairs can leave your aircraft looking like a training car from high school shop class. We can restore your bird to all its former glory with a thorough cleaning and colour-match repair painting.

Complete Repainting

A proper, long lasting paint job first means stripping it down to the metal. We use only aircraft certified, environmentally friendly products to remove old paint from every nook and cranny. (Control surfaces are removed, stripped, and painted separately.)

The aircraft is then thoroughly inspected for any visible signs of metal stress, dents, or rust. Up to 10 hours of repair body work is included in your quote. Acid etching and alodine application provides paint adhesion and long term protection of the metal. A primer and basecoat are then applied, followed by application of your chosen colour scheme. A final top coat provides added protection and longevity.

Controls are then rebalanced and reassembled with all common screws replaced. This is followed by required decal/placard application and any additional detailing desired. We also do the paperwork for re-registration with the new colours.

Your repainting project can also include:

  • Additional body work.
  • Repainting of window sills, door jams, propellers, landing gear bay, and the inside of cowlings.
  • Stainless cowl kit installation.
  • Pro-sealing seams.
  • Interior refurbishing.