Piper Malibu Paint Completion – A challenging but rewarding project.

Piper Malibu Paint Completion – A challenging but rewarding project.
  • Paint Lead: Steve Coon.
  • Project Mechanical Lead: Russ Winstanley.
  • Paint scheme by Scheme Designers.
  • Colours: Three
    • Jet Glo Matterhorn White
    • Acry Glo Light Burgundy
    • Acry Glo Black Velvet
  • Full Strip and Paint


This Piper Malibu Paint job is a great completion by our painters here at UVA.  The main challenge was making the great designs from Scheme Designers come to life from 2D to 3D on the aircraft.  In the end our client made great choices in colour and lines and the airplane turned out great.

We really appreciate the work of Command Aviation who looks after the AC.  Command came up and made sure the AC got off the ground for their client and worked with us closely throughout the job providing us great support when we had questions from them.

This Malibu was a long time coming.  The original estimate was issued in 2014.  Several delays out of our client’s control and then scheduling conflicts on our end delayed the arrival by nearly two years!  Once the plane arrived it took us a little bit to get to it, but once we were able the plane was a great specimen.  Aside from the time to get the custom scheme to work there was really no extra work required.  The skins were in great shape and the AC is clearly maintained very well by Command.  Bottom line: once we were finally able to get going this Piper Malibu Paint project turned out to be a lot of fun.

Our only regret was that after arrival the client requested interior work.  This would have been great, however our scheduling prevented us from committing without having to put the Piper Malibu Paint work far behind again.  We are hoping to see her again for interior work soon though!

A HUGE thanks to Steve Coon and Russ Winstanley for a great completion and a very happy client.  Go team.