Piper PA-24 Single Comanche Paint

Piper PA-24 Single Comanche Paint


C-FROX came out of Airdrie, Alberta.  This aircraft is a personal aircraft flown by Don Bell, a co-founder of West-Jet airlines.

The pictures do not show the tops of the wings where a great deal of the colours and lines occurred.  It was challenging and definitely ran over budget on our end, however the end result was excellent an our client left us a great Google review.

The challenging part about completing the low-wing retractable Piper AC is that they are so close to the ground the time to properly remove the old paint and metal prep can get quite time consuming.  These areas are the most susceptible to damage from debris on the ground and tend to be fairly greasy.

The other challenge, which seems like it should be small, is that often there are multiple layers of wing walk on the RH wing.  This can get frustrating because the modern strippers don’t remove it well and a solid couple hours of scrubbing will get you through one layer, then reapplication of stripper for another couple hours to loosen, repeat.  This was an issue on this AC.

Other than that the project was a good one.  We were asked to complete a couple repairs and install the wing root speed kit which really modernized the AC.

Prior to arriving Don had upgraded the engine, prop and with the new paint job this plane now looks FAST.

This Piper PA-24 Single Comanche Paint job was a great success in the end and thanks to our client for trusting us with this project!