RV-6 Showroom Paint Completion

RV-6 Showroom Paint Completion
  • Paint Lead: Tony Clark
  • Project Mechanical Lead: Mike Martin
  • Paint scheme: Warpaint Illustrations
  • Colours: Three – Sherwin Williams Colours
    • Pearl White
    • Seminole Red Metallic
    • Silver Metallic
  • Full Strip and Paint


The owner of this RV came to us with the request that the AC be of a “show quality.  He wanted to take it to Oshkosh in summer of 2016 to put it in the show there.  UVA was excited to take on this challenge.  For this project, in order to get the paint to look perfect, we needed to make sure that all the skins and substrates beneath the paint were flawless.

The owner understood this and was willing to have us do the work.  This is where using a company like UVA, a professional refinishing facility really pays.  After all the hard work, sweat, time, money and emotional energy, the very last part, the final finishing can be an area that gets skimmed over.  Now you have a plane to fly so let’s slap some paint on and get flying!

The error here is that a builder could be disappointed after flying for a time, if the finish doesn’t live up to the time, money and effort that has already gone into their airplane.

UVA can help with things like:

  • Filling pin holes, dents and fiberglass.
  • Ensuring a smooth finish.
  • Getting rid of troublesome waves or ripples in that canopy.
  • Building up troublesome areas where your wheel pants or cowlings may not fit perfectly flush.
  • Minor metal work.

All the things that make that last 5-10% of the project take forever or not up to expectations if you struggle long enough to just give up and put the paint on.

On this project there was no expense spared in the completion, details and finish. The client went with a pearl white base, metallic red and metallic silver. The wing tips and rudder were done with a checker fade in the red which very nicely accented the overall effect. We look forward to people seeing the AC at Kosh this year!